Biographies Writing

A person’s life may be extremely interesting and full of appealing stories. However, poorly written biographies of a person can make you snore. Fine pieces of biographies can draw special instances even from ordinary lives. Biographies are not merely an assortment of different facts. They are the celebration of the writer about why somebody’s life was significant and important.

Let us suppose that you have decided over the person you will write about. After careful research, you are beginning to write their biographies but keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts before you write something.

1) Do have a clear plan on what you are going to write. This will help you complete the biographies with lesser difficulty.

2) Do ensure that your quoted facts are right. Our memory is limited and many a times we are not sure about certain figures like dates and numbers. Cross-check before writing.

3) Do proofread your biographies. Proofreading can save quite an embarrassment for writers.

4) Do remember to mention how you felt about a certain situation. A biography is not merely a story. It is an observation regarding someone’s life events.

Now for the don’ts:

1) Don’t linger too much on minor details. How many cups of tea or coffee a person takes might get slightly mundane after the passage of time.

2) Don’t edit the biographies yourself. Many mistakes do not seem like mistakes to us but they might irk the readers.

3) Don’t make it hard on the readers. Many concepts or terminologies that you are using may be difficult for an amateur reader to understand. Keep it straight and simple.

4) Do not talk too much about other people in somebody’s biography. A small reference might work but giving too much detail into others may get you off-track the real purpose or person.


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