Essay about Myself

Writing about one's self is probably one of the toughest things a student or applicant can do. It takes some effort to take some time out and look deep within one's self. It takes honesty. It takes courage. It takes patience. We love to tell ourselves stories. Sometimes these stories help us cope. Other times, these stories motivate us. Writing a truly personal essay on one's self involves listening to one's self — without the aid of stories. Taking an honest look at our lives, our achievements, and listing out our dreams.

A solid personal statement essay follows guidelines that can be phrased into questions. Answer these questions in outlining your essay and you are sure to come up with a solid personal statement/application essay. Write out the first things that come to mind — there are no right or wrong answers. The key is to get them out of your mind and on to paper or a word processing screen. You will then outline and edit later.

  • Why do I want to apply to this school?
  • What does this reason say about my values?
  • What are the things I value most in life?
  • How did I get to value them so much?
  • If I am about to die, what would I wish to remember?
  • How have I made a difference so far?
  • How do I wish to make a difference?
  • How have I acted on my dreams?
  • What makes me insecure?
  • What makes me feel that I am not in control?
  • Why do I feel this insecurity or weakness?
  • What do these weaknesses or insecurities say about my values or myself?
  • How can I overcome these? How have I overcome similar challenges in the past?
  • What is my biggest goal right now?

Answer the questions above honestly. Don't feel that you are playing to a crowd or that there is a RIGHT ANSWER. There are none. The only RIGHT answer is the answer that is RIGHT FOR YOU. Get the answers to these out of your heart and on to paper. Outline them. Mold them to answer the application form's open ended essay question. Keep honing and editing until it reaches a form that you are happy with. If you need help, try this personal statement examples writing and coaching service.

These personal essays are focused on helping the applicant present a full picture of their potential, background, and experience to a college admissions council. While GPA, SAT, and ACT figures are important, the college application essay seeks to present your dreams, visions, hopes, and potential. In essence, the complete person is hoping to be evaluated and given a chance — not just lifeless numbers.

These essays tell a personal story of ambition, aspirations, and struggle. They aren't pity parties or pathetic please for spare admission spots. Instead, they celebrate the applicant's full personhood. Applicants are real live people. They aren't just numbers or statistics or admission slots. These essays celebrate the humanity, potential, and promise of a diverse range of applicants.


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