Tips to Make Your Cause and Effect Essay Perfect

Cause and effect essay focuses on the reasons and explanations for behavior and events. It gives insight on issues around us to get a clear understanding of the world around us. The purpose of a cause effect essay maybe either to inform or to analyze. When writing a cause and effect essay , clearly outline the topic, brainstorm to come up with ideas about either the cause or effect then carry out a proper research with the guidelines of ideas generated.

It is important to understand that one should not just focus on one cause and effect as there maybe a single cause that generates many effects or that one effect may be the result of multiple unrelated causes. As a result, defining some cause and effects gives you a number of several possible topics to write on. You can therefore choose either a cause or effect as your topic of discussion to multiple points in your essay.

Key words that give a guide on c ause effects essays are: due to, consequently, so, because, because of, since, therefore and but. This help in identifying the cause and the effect in a given scenario or situation. Asking questions will come in handy in brainstorming on the causes or effects that are related to your topic. These questions will greatly assist in exhausting all points that are necessary in covering the topic.

Each point should be supported with evidence that clearly shows its relation with the selected topic. In instances where the facts gathered do not clearly support your arguments, phrases such as 'possibly', 'probably', 'maybe', 'it seems likely' and 'as the evidence suggests'

Example of cause effect essays :

What are the major causes of breakups in relationships? There are many factors that lead to breakup between two lovers. The most basic problem is the difference that evolve with time or that existed before. Differences in character and expectations from each other are a major catalyst for breakup in many relationships. Secondly, infidelity is also a major contributor to breakups. Any relationship is based on the foundation of trust, love and respect, without which it is headed for the rocks. Falling out of love is another reason cited by many as factor of breaking up. As time passes, a relationship turns cold and renders it lifeless. A relationship that lacks passion and warmth is as good as dead.

With such a topic, one can list all the possible reasons for breakups then give a detailed explanation on each in an essay.

Structure of a cause and effect essay :

There are three structures that can be used when writing a cause:

· Where there are multiple cause and one effect. The introductory or thesis statement highlights the general effect of the scenario and mentions the causes that lead to the effect.

· Where there is one cause and multiple effects. The thesis statement mentions the factor and lists the various consequences that result from the factor.

· Use of the causal chain also known as the domino effect. This chain is formed of a cause producing a situation and the situation producing another situation and so on. The thesis statement highlights the first and the last part of the chain.


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